It's what you do next that counts

Our students are prepared to become more than just professionals. Whether accountants, business owners, chemists, nurses, or lawyers; Saint Francis graduates are all leaders who carry their Franciscan values with them.

People of all faiths are welcome and will benefit from academics inspired by Franciscan values.  At Saint Francis University, you will find broad intellectual development coupled with career-directed studies for undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, and online degrees.  


Saint Francis University promotes an inclusive learning community and a lifelong path to virtue, truth, and compassion.  Within a culture that seeks understanding through innovation and collaboration, we champion both the inherent dignity of the individual person and the common good. 

Saint Francis University is dedicated to supporting all the elements that will help you to be successful in college.  This means not just academic support, but encouragement in honing your leadership skills and an environment where your spiritual growth is a priority.  

A passion for learning can't be contained by walls or class schedules. We are big believers in hands-on, experiential learning. Our approach is focused on making sure the experiences you have in your few short years here prepare you to make a greater difference in your chosen profession.

About Us

Saint Francis University in Loretto, PA is the oldest Catholic-Franciscan college in the United States. It is also one of the first Catholic universities to become co-educational in the United States.

Today, the vibrant university campus sits on 600 scenic acres providing ideal setting not only for focused learning in harmony with nature.

Our mission is to help students grow into compassionate, successful professionals through a culture of Catholic faith, generosity, respect, discovery, and joy. 

Saint Francis isn't just near the great outdoors, it is the great outdoors. High in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania, you'll find a home away from home in this vibrant and safe campus community full of student activities, leadership opportunities, and spiritual programs. 

Making the decision to call Saint Francis University your 'home away from home' should not be taken lightly.  Know that our staff dedicates itself to providing comfortable and clean residence halls and thoughtful campus programming.  Our goal is to provide an environment where you can grow.