Business Is Changing. Are You Ready? 

When life turns upside down, can you navigate change and come out on top? Can you find the path that’s best for people, planet, and profit, without sacrificing one for the other?

At NSU Business we’ll help you prepare for whatever lies ahead. So your career can thrive along with your community.

Advance your career with our world-class business programs, join our network of leaders, change agents, and innovators. And, above all, be a Difference Maker.

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Make a name for yourself. Take control of your future at NSU Business. You’ll join a network of experts, educators, leaders, and trendsetters—not a bad network to have. You can be in charge of your future, while still making the most of your now.

Learn from experienced business leaders who already reached the level you’re striving to achieve. Benefit from the professional connections they’ve built and will share with you. With smaller classes and more individualized attention, you’ll be fully immersed and actively engaged throughout your program, which helps you progress further, faster.

You’ll be challenged to solve real-world problems for companies that are depending upon your solutions. You’ll graduate with a strong professional portfolio.

Want to know more?

NSU is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA – a destination city that offers an outstanding quality of life, highlighted by a semi-tropical climate.

Gain a powerful edge employers notice, whether you’re starting, growing or changing your career. Enroll at NSU and you’ll benefit from a business network of leaders, mentors and alums that can help you advance, grow your value, and lead where others follow. You won’t just get classroom knowledge and a piece of paper. You’ll get the real-world experience and skills to succeed in business.

NSU’s H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship is recognized for the highest standard of achievement for business education, earned by less than 6% of the world's schools offering business degree programs. AACSB requires schools to meet standards of excellence in areas including teaching, research, curriculum development, and student learning.

Entering a program that complies with the highest accreditation standards in the world guarantees that you will learn advanced skills for high-level, long-term success in business and beyond.