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At Miami Herbert Business School, we develop principled leaders who transform global business and society. Your tomorrow starts here.

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Miami Herbert Business School graduate programs are built on a foundation of excellence, leveraging our world-class faculty, innovative curriculum, global perspective, expertise in sustainability, and commitment to hands-on experience.

Our innovative educational model is driven by our commitment to our values. We prioritize sustainability education for all students, so that we can prepare leaders ready to take on the social and environmental challenges of the 21st century.

We are committed to fostering global mindsets and multicultural understanding. Our proudly diverse community of students and faculty is strengthened by our mutual appreciation for our differences.

All business is global. Miami Herbert Business School is dedicated to fostering global mindsets and multicultural understanding. Our location in the most international city in the U.S. certainly helps, as does our focus on first-hand experience abroad and our diverse community of faculty and staff from all around the world.

Our diverse population of students, faculty, and staff with different backgrounds and viewpoints enrich the Miami Herbert experience. Our graduate curricula emphasize the fundamentals of global business, prepares students to become global leaders, and provide opportunities to make worldwide impact.

A Global Mindset

Our graduate programs take advantage of our excellent location to provide hands-on experience for our students. Miami is a bustling hub for multinational trade, commerce, and culture and the most international city in the U.S. We can think of no better location to develop a global mindset and build your network.

Set one foot on campus and you’ll feel it—a vibe that celebrates life, learning, and daily activities that are anything but routine. Capitalizing on its glorious weather, national reputation, and location at the crossroads of the Americas, the University of Miami offers students unparalleled academic support, enrichment activities galore, sports and cultural offerings, wellness and fitness programs, and endless opportunities to explore, engage, and better the community and the world.

Career Connect

Typically, six weeks before classes begin, if not earlier, the Miami Herbert Career Advancement team launches the highly effective Career Connect course, where students polish resumes, improve elevator pitches, build personal brands, practice virtual interviewing, commence building a target company list, and much more. Before ever arriving on campus, students will know the name of their career coach, the person who will be their champion and advocate helping them advance their careers. Our approach to career advancement is comprehensive, systematic, and data driven.