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At BESIGN The Sustainable Design School, we firmly believe that our world’s ongoing transformations present numerous opportunities to envision a brighter future. Our students, faculty, educational teams and leadership are dedicated to shaping and embodying the creative forces behind positive transformation.

OUR MISSION: To innovate towards a sustainable future, in harmony with our environment, by cultivating responsible design methodologies that prioritize both humanity and the biosphere.

We aspire to expand the awareness of future designers, promoting their capacity for collaboration and co-creation, through an empathetic, humanistic, and multicultural approach.

BESIGN The Sustainable Design School in Nice, in the South of France, is the only institution of higher education systematically linking design to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals from United Nations.

We teach our students to act both for the human being and for the planet, using design processes to serve Sustainable Innovation. Our students understand that the call for the sustainable transition is a global issue and gathers the full commitment of creative minds from different backgrounds.

At BESIGN School, education adapts to the evolving aspirations of new generations in exploring a sustainable future and upholding a responsible professional ethos.

Together, we carry a collective mission towards a better world.

We invite you to join us in pioneering a sustainable and fulfilling future.

Do you want to study at BESIGN The Sustainable Design School, but you need financial help? Our scholarship, granted by The SDS Friends endowment fund, is based on excellence criteria, as well as your motivation and the relevance of your future plans as a Designer in Sustainable Innovation. The scholarship is limited to 1.500€ per study year, for a maximum of two years. To apply, you will need to provide us with your former degrees, the transcript of records, your CV and cover letter. For more information, please fill out the form.

Bachelor Program

The Bachelor Programme of the curriculum “Designer in Sustainable Innovation” at BESIGN The Sustainable Design School, develops your foundation skills to be a professional designer, embracing the requirements of a sustainable future.

The programme develops the domains of product design, interior design, systems design, transportation, also fashion and graphic design, always with the focus on new ecosystems for a society with social values and enabling respectful consumption.

BESIGN School offers its students a unique opportunity to stand out by specializing as early as their second year of the Bachelor’ s program. This specialization will be pursued in the third year. The students have the chance to immerse themselves in a world of exciting discoveries with three distinct specialization options.

• Sustainable Product Design
• Sustainable Trends and Fashion Design
• Sustainable Interior Design

Master Program

The postgraduate programme “Designer in Sustainable Innovation” at BESIGN The Sustainable Design School develops strategic skills, allowing our graduates to have the knowledge required for leadership positions in international companies. Students acquire full competencies of contextual research methodology, how to facilitate creative and sustainable thinking, future trends and innovation for sustainable design, creation of services, interfaces and experiences and sustainable design leadership. The programme focuses on Design, Sustainability and Leadership.